Homeownership Program

A rent to own program for the construction of new, single family homes located within the Cherokee Nation.


    The New Construction Homeownership Program is a lease to own program created to provide a path to homeownership for eligible Cherokee citizens. Applicants must own land or have access to land that can be donated to the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation for the purpose of home construction. This land will be held in the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation's name until all obligations of the lease purchase agreement have been met. Upon satisfaction of the lease purchase agreement, the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation will deed the land to the applicant/tenant.


    New Construction Homeownership Program lease payments will be based on the total development cost of the home, not to exceed market rate, and the lease term is 30 years. Lease payments remain the same for the life of the 30 year lease and are not adjusted based on household income.


    Applicants must submit the following documents with their application:

    -Copies of social security cards for each household member over 5 years of age

    -Verification of tribal citizenship

    -Copies of tribal, federal or state issued photo ID for head of household and spouse

    -Income verification for household members over 18 years of age

    -Copy of warranty deed for land to be donated

    -Verification of disability if applicant is requesting a handicap accessible home

New Construction Application

A completed New Construction Homeownership Home, built by the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation