Housing Rehabilitation


The Housing Rehabilitation program of the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation provides emergency, rehabilitation, and housing accessibility repairs to qualifying home owners throughout the Cherokee Nation's 14-county jurisdictional boundaries.

Priority is ​given to elderly, disabled, and handicapped families. Cherokee preference is applied to all programs. Families must meet program income guidelines.  Program participants must sign a commitment agreement which will place a lien on the home requiring repayment if the home is sold. The length of the lien is based on the useful life, which is based on the amount of funds invested in the home.  Homes under the management of the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation will not be eligible in the programs. Title VI, MAP, and Self Help Homes may be eligible after the occupants have been in the home for 12 months or longer.

Documents required to apply for the Housing Rehabilitation Program include:
  • Tribal Membership card for each household member
  • Social Security Card for each household member
  • Driver's License or valid photo identification
  • Property Deed and/or Lease Agreement recorded with the County Clerk's Office, BIA approved lease, or Right of Entry consent if located on Tribal Restricted or Tribal Trust Land​
  • Property Tax Statement or Receipt from the County Treasurer's Office for the current year
  • Homeowner's Insurance Verification - coverage summary stating amount of dwelling coverage, effective date and expiration date
  • Mobile Home Title - title must be in applicant's name
  • Income Verification for each household member.  SSA, SSI, State Aid, VA, TANF, Child Support, Unemployment Benefits, Employment Wages, etc.  If self-employed a current income tax return including schedule C, E, and/or F, type and name of business
  • Bank Statements of all bank accounts for the past three months, minimum
  • An Award letter from the Social Security or Veteran's Administration is required for disability verification and priority status


Housing Rehabilitation Application