NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION: Is an approach to developing and providing housing opportunities for Cherokee families. The program is designed to provide a set payment option allowing the family to rent to own the home. Houses are based on a basic floor plan of a modest size. In order to qualify:

  • Head of household and/or spouse must be a Cherokee Tribal Citizen,
  • The monthly payment will not change, if the family's income level changes; therefore, must be financially able to support a fixed monthly payment,
  • A criminal background check will be conducted,
  • Preferences (in order from highest to lowest) will be given to families that:
    Have land that can be deeded to the HACN that is suitable to construct a home;
    Would be interested in land the HACN currently owns to be used for construction;
    Would require land to be purchased, and
  • Must not currently own a home or currently owned home must be in a substandard condition. An Inspection is  required. For purposes of this program, a single wide mobile home would be considered sub-standard.

The HACN will own the land, thereby making it eligible for tax incentives to schools. When the home is paid in full, the HACN will deed the home to the family. The term of the rent to own agreement shall be 30 years unless a shorter term is agreed to between the parties. This amount will include costs for taxes and insurance. To the greatest extent feasible; homes will be evenly distributed across all of the Cherokee Nation. Previous Participation:

  1. Families who have been in a participant status in any Cherokee Nation or Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation Homeownership Program including Mutual Help, Rural Rental, Mortgage Assistance, Title VI or Self Help Homeownership will only be eligible to participate in the following circumstances:
  2. A participant who has lost possession of his/her home in a divorce proceeding.
  3. An applicant of Indian descent who would otherwise be eligible whose spouse had previously participated but has since lost possession of a home due to repossession or assignment while in a previous marital status with another person.
  4. A participant who has assigned all rights and interest in their unit back to the Housing Authority when the home is in good condition and the family owes no outstanding balance.

The following items are required during the application process:

  1. Verification of Cherokee Nation Tribal Citizenship (blue card),
  2. Copies of Social Security card(s) for each household member over 5 years of age,
  3. Copies of photo identification cards for Head of household and spouse,
  4. Income verification for every household member over the age of 18 years of age,
  5. Documentation to show financial ability to support a fixed monthly payment. Verification of current rental payments, may suffice,
  6. Copies of Warranty Deed (if currently own land), and/or Title to Mobile Home



New Home Construction Application